Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Round-Up: Wednesday, Jan. 27

Debate: Do you think Whole Food's incentive program to get their employees to be healthier (and therefore cost the company less in health care costs) is a good one?

Drink: I hope these Growlers catch on in LA. Would love to fill up a jug on my way home from work on occasion.

Gross: Screech's 11 Most Scandalous Accusations in his book.

Shop: Awesome Tarantino (and Curb Your Enthusiasm) movie posters

Eat: Ten Breakfast Spots in LA (LAW) and The Best Burgers according to the LAist.

Watch: I tend to avoid American Idol, but I was talking to Jason Green last night who happened to have been on last night's American Idol. Pretty funny, worth a watch. He was more hilarious (and wasted) in person though.

Watch: SNL Digital Short Spoof of Andy Samburg

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