Monday, January 18, 2010

Restaurants in 2009 & 2010

Top Restaurants I Ate at in 2009
1. Craft (Century City)
2. Animal (Mid-City)
3. Foundry on Melrose (W. Hollywood)
4. Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill (Las Vegas)
5. Gjelina (Venice)
6. JiRaffe (Santa Monica)
7. Luna Park (Mid-Wilshire)
8. Beacon (Culver City)
9. Drago (Santa Monica)
10. Nine Thirty (Westwood)
11. Joe’s Restaurant (Venice)
12. Mon Ami Gabi (Las Vegas)
13. Beechwood (Venice)
14. Fraiche (Santa Monica, Culver City)
15. Ford’s Filling Station (Culver City)
16. Jitlada (Hollywood)
17. Zimzala (OC)
18. Border Grill (Santa Monica)
19. 8 oz. Burger Bar (W. Hollywood, Night of Graduation)
20. Joan's on Third (Mid-City)
21. Henry's Hat (Studio City - great brunch)
22. La Dijonaise (Culver City)
23. Father's Office (Culver City, Santa Monica)
24. Westside Tavern (West LA)

Top Restaurants I Want to Try in 2010

1. Providence (Hancock Park) (note: I actually ate here for my bday, soon after I made this list)
2. Melisse (Santa Monica)
3. Bouchon (Beverly Hills)
4. Whatever pop-up Chef Ludo Lefebvre does next
5. The Bazaar by Jose Andres (Beverly Hills)
6. Mozza Pizzeria (Hollywood)
7. Comme Ca (Beverly Hills)
8. Church and State (Downtown)
9. Osteria Mozza (Hollywood)
10. Golden State (Mid-City)
11. Huckleberry (Santa Monica)
12. Il Moro (Santa Monica)
13. Canter's Deli (Mid-City)
14. Langer's (Downtown)
15. The Nickel (Downtown)
16. Rustic Canyon (Santa Monica)
17. Street (Hollywood)
18. Bay Cities Italian Deli (Santa Monica)19. Antica Pizza (Marina Del Rey)
20. La Casita Mexicana (Bell)
21. Urasawa (Beverly Hills - being the most expensive restaurant around, would only go if I won a free meal/the lottery)

Bonus: For Coffee
1. Intelligentsia (Venice)
2. La Mill (Silverlake)

Top Restaurants I Ate at in the First Two Weeks of 2010

1. Tupelo Junction Cafe (Santa Barbara)
2. Brent's (Northridge)

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