Friday, January 15, 2010

Round-Up: Friday, Jan. 14

Watch: Jay Leno interviews Jimmy Kimmel. More like Kimmel roasts Leno.

Dine Out: dineLA Restaurant Week : Jan. 24-29, Jan. 31-Feb. 5. OC Restaurant Week: Feb. 28 - March 6

Headline of the Day: "Floor collapses during Swedish Weight Watchers meeting" (NYP)

News: Things For Which Texas Will And Will Not Take Federal Money (Hint: one is education and one is guns. Which do you think they took?)

Laugh: Taking Avatar webcomic, NBC's Late Show listed on craigslist,

Listen: Owen Pallett/Final Fantasy new album "Heartland"

Read: Damien Rice fans will love this interview, supposedly his first in 3 years.

Listen: Covers of "Bad Romance" by The Modern Elite and Addicted to Love by Florence + the Machine
Watch: Crazy music video from musical genius Dan Deacon (the tiger in the video)

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