Monday, January 25, 2010

Round-Up: Monday, Jan. 25

Entertainment: Summary of this week's rumors and news in movies & television. Could Gervais' David Brent go toe to toe with Michael Scott on The Office? Neil Patrick Harris on Glee? Johnny Depp in Pirates 4, Avatar 2, Ghostbusters 3D, Jurassic Park 4, Cloverfield 2.

Waste time: Mom's Messages

mc_lars: Doesn't it make you question the Social Contract when cops change lanes without signalling?
johncmayer: If I were on 24, I'd make sure to be in the bathroom during the last 5 minutes of every hour. Good things do NOT happen then.
JeremyDempster: I hope that everybody who spent tonight cramming for our midterm tomorrow is intimidated by my lackadaisical demeanor. And my BrewCo stamp.
JenKirkman: Not sure who is more evil and responsible for more upheavals of lives - Jay Leno or Dick Cheney. 
ScottAukerman: What's weird is pineapple supposedly makes semen taste better, yet semen makes pineapple taste AWFUL.

Laugh: ?uestlove's favorite snarky walk-on songs from Late Night.

News: Prince Frederic von Anhalt (Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband ) for CA Governor? Guess Jeans founder Georges Marciano?

Listen: Tallest Man on Earth - "King of Spain"
List: What does President Obama read?

Watch: I love watching TV News talking-heads talk about ridiculous things they don't understand. I actually remember these stories popping up over this past summer.

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