Thursday, January 14, 2010

Round-Up: Thursday, Jan. 13

Free: Free drinks at Coffee Bean today 4-7 pm

Watch: Sarah Palin making me die a little bit inside.

News: Summary of Howard Stern's take on the NBC/Leno/Conan debacle.

Real News: "12% of juvenile prisoners report being sexually abused, more than 10% of them by staff (the surprising nugget within this subgroup is that 95%—95%!—of that 10% report having been victimised by female staff). Non-heterosexual inmates report a higher rate of abuse by another youth (12.5%) than their heterosexual counterparts (1.3%)."

Play: The foodie nerd in me loves this interactive family tree of LA restaurants. Find out where your favorite chefs have worked

Laugh: Girl gets arrested at UCLA in the "Greatest Undie Run Picture Ever" & Infographics of greatest stories ever told

Infographic: SFW infographic of numbers in porn

Quote: Steinbeck & Paris Hilton

Drink: Essential facts about Whiskey.

Tip: How to Hide Your Alcohol at Work

Bad Google: What is google's stance on rape?

Debate: What is the best way to get gay marriage in CA? I am very uncomfortable with the idea of using the courts to overturn a popular vote that overturned the courts. But I also agree that going door to door isn't going to change enough votes. I like to think that the current trend of increased support for gay marriage will continue enough that in a couple of years a ballot initiative will get enough support to reverse Prop. 8. Not sure if it's worth the wait or the risk of it not happening, but I don't want this to be settled by the CA Supreme Court. Bonus story: Divorce Rates Higher in States that Ban Gay Marriage.

 Watch: Parks and Recreation spoof featuring Wu-Tang Clan.

Watch: Clip of documentary "Objectified." Jonathan Ive discusses Apple products.

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Aubrey said...

Everything that Palin says makes my brain hurt. It's absurd that she inspires confidence in so many people.

And I do agree with you about gay marriage in CA, although the emotional side of me just wants it to happen no matter the means. I think it'll sit better with the people if it's put to a vote. If the courts pass it, people will respect the decision less.