Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Round-Up: Wednesday, Apr. 21, 2010

News: Are unhealthy school lunches a national security issue? "While it is indeed worrisome that our high-calorie lunches might prevent the dull-eyed, sexting youth of today from becoming the IED fodder of tomorrow, remember this: Predator drones always stay trim"

Laugh: April Showers

Watch: Funny Video about How Every Pop Song Uses the Same Chords

Read: Top 10 Absurd Classics

Read: "10 Gay Indie Rockers (In Otherwise 'Straight' Bands)"

1.Jonsi of Sigur Ros
2.Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy
3. Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear
4. Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend/Discovery
5. Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu
6. Kele Okereke of Bloc Party
7. Bradford Cox of Deerhunter
8. Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons
9. Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields
10. Joel Gibb of The Hidden Cameras

Antony of Antony and the Johnson's:
"I think the fact we’re led to believe we’re different because of our sexuality is a hoax that’s been pulled on us. When you think about how much time you actually spend having sex compared to how much time you spend eating or talking or listening to music, it’s really not that significant or important. I might be an active homosexual for an hour here and there, but I’m myself 24 hours a day. Obviously I have quite a big gay and lesbian fan base, but I’m hopeful that the thing that binds us together isn’t our sexual orientation—it’s the fact that we’re all special in our individual ways."

Watch: Owen Pallett

Eat: Jidori Chicken is finding a home on LA restaurant menus.

List: 15 Movie Posters Re-Imagined With the Stars Originally Cast

Read: Interesting Anthony Bourdain interview (of course, any interview w/ Bourdain is bound to be interesting).

This Week at the Farmer's Market I bought:
1. Blood oranges (for blood orange margaritas)
2. Fava beans (something I've never cooked with)
3. Eggs
4. Romaine lettuce

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Betty said...

I saw Owen at Coachella (and I've seen him at the Troub)...woo.