Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Round-Up: Tuesday, Apr. 6, 2010

Learn: Really cool Interactive guide to the key players in David Cameron's shadow government. British PM Gordon Brown just announced that elections will take place on May 6th. David Cameron may very well become the PM. Time to learn about his young braintrust. Britain's finances are a mess, so a more conservative government may be necessary. I am worried about how few leaders in Cameron's Conservative party support the EU, however.

Read more about the election here:
"The contest itself will be exciting. For the first time in nearly twenty years, the outcome is not at all certain. The detonation of the parliamentary expenses scandal still reverberates. Politicians are disliked and distrusted, and a record number of MPs will be standing down. The economy is tentatively recovering after a long recession. And, as British politics becomes ever less parliamentary and ever more presidential, the party leaders will clash for the first time in American-style televised debates, with unpredictable consequences.

Before Christmas, Mr Cameron’s party enjoyed double-digit poll leads. But since the start of 2010, the numbers have been much more volatile. Recent polls still put the Tories ahead of Labour, but often by smaller margins. In most countries their lead would be regarded as a healthy one, but Britain’s strange electoral arithmetic tilts the playing field against the Conservatives, and a victory that once looked certain now merely looks possible."

Policy: Parking and Biking Policy in Santa Monica examined. Interesting allusions to land-use and UCLA Urban Planning Professor Donald Shoup (I once wrote my own policy memo based on his work on parking).

News: The Economist highlights why the net neutrality ruling today might be bad news.

Commentary: Should Obama play it safe when replacing Supreme Court Justice Stevens or excite his base?

Art: Sweet needlepoint by Ryan Berkley

Laugh: How to Write a Nicholas Sparks Movie

Laugh: Shut-up Foodies tumblr

Tech: Council President Eric Garcetti (actually had the honor of meeting him) is going to release an iPhone app for city services. "Take and submit photos of potholes, graffiti and other problems for the city to address." This follows the news of iPhone app by new councilman Paul Koretz (my friends might recognize the name, since I was planning on volunteering for his campaign if I didn't get my current job).

Listen: Manchester Orchestra "Tony The Tiger" (Simon Illa remix)

Listen: Manchester Orchestra "Shake It Out" (P.O.S. remix)

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