Thursday, April 22, 2010

Round-Up: Thursday, Apr. 22, 2010

Did You Know?: Sugar
1. The average American eats 44 pounds of sugar per year
2. The largest sugar exporter, Brazil, now uses half the sugar it produces to make ethanol
3. Sugar is an ingredient in 70% of manufactured food
4. Louisiana is America’s second-largest sugarcane producer behind Florida
5. The price per pound of American raw sugar has doubled in the past year
6. "Manufacturers including Hershey, Kraft and General Mills warn that they will have to raise prices and lay off workers if America does not ease import restrictions on foreign sugar—a move the Department of Agriculture (USDA) indicated earlier this month that it is considering. America’s powerful sugar lobby is vehemently opposed, and cites the security of the home-grown supply"

Network: Do You Wish Facebook Looked Like This?

Laugh: Craigslist Ad about Sticking a Flash Drive in...

Debate: UCLA Professor Argues Why We Should Get Rid of the Performance Review

Watch: Wikus from District 9 & Charlize Theron

Watch: Drunk Guy vs. Flip-flops at Coachella. If you like that, check out this European guy trying to wear his pants as a shirt (courtesy of my coworker Tracey)


traceyd said...

I like both videos! Watching drunk people having difficulty getting dressed makes me feel better about myself.

Jamie said...

I agree that performance reviews aren't perfect. The article makes several good points about thier shortcomings. However, his alternative is also unrealistic. In what world can an employee and his superior have an open and honest discussion about what they need from each other? And he expects these conversations to go on frequently? Hrmph.