Friday, April 16, 2010

Round-Up: Thursday, Apr. 15, 2010

Did You Know: Statute of Anne
1. First copyright statute in Britain & recognized as the first full copyright statute in the world
2. Went into effect 300 years ago this week
3. Named for Queen Anne of Great Britain
4. Copyright lasted 14 years for new books & an additional 14 years if the author was still alive when the first term ran out
5. In America, it is now 95 years (and may be extended soon)
6. The 95 years is called the "Mickey Mouse Protection Act" by its critics, referring to the fact that every time Mickey Mouse is about to go in the public domain, copyright law is extended

Design: Beautiful and creative office designs

Listen: Stream the latest Tallest Man on Earth album. Straight out of Sweden, give this a listen if you like some Woody Guthrie or Bob Dylan.

Watch: Check out this sweet Japanese Nike ad where Japanese DJs make music using the shoes.

Watch: The future is coming.

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