Thursday, April 8, 2010

Round-Up: Thursday, Apr. 8, 2010

Read: Great concept for a site. Experts list the best 5 books in their field. Check out Five Books.

Listen: 10 Songs for English Majors.

News: "Stars & Stripes reports that an Air Force officer who outed herself as a lesbian was told she has to stay in the military because you can't out yourself just because you want to get a discharge. As the military newspaper notes, "if you admit to being homosexual you can be discharged from the military, but if you admit it for the purposes of being discharged you won't be." (The Best Defense)

Laugh and Cry: "Pope Forgives Molested Children" (2002 Onion article)

Listen: Owen Pallett "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt (Dan Deacon Remix)"

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