Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where Do You Belong?

Instead of my normal routine of listening to NPR on my commute to work, I decided to pop in Cassadaga by Bright Eyes to relive the Monsters of Folk show last Sunday.

The second to last track, "I Must Belong Somewhere," was never a stand-out favorite of mine on the record. However, this morning, I found it really thought-provoking and moving. Since high school, I've gone back and forth between wanting to move [current candidates: Boston, Washington (D.C.) New York, Portland (OR), Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Boulder/Denver (CO)] and stay in California where I have a good network of friends. After I graduated and was thinking of doing fellowships across the country, I struggled with this same question.

This song today brought up a lot of emotion and I'm afraid that it may just be me and may have just been a temporary affinity for this song, but I just had to share it and ask:

Do you think you'll eventually stay fairly near to where your family is and/or where you grew up. or do you feel you belong somewhere else?

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Aubrey said...

That's an interesting question...I think that so many people want to get away from where they grew up. I do also, but to me, getting away means living in Los Angeles. So in a sense, I'm moving away from the suburbs of Lakewood, but I'm also staying relatively close. LA is where I belong. At least that's what I think so far...