Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bon Iver at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Every once in awhile I need to do something different that just mixes up the routine and renews my spirit. One of the more memorable experiences of this since I last blogged was going to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to see Bon Iver perform. I drove to Hollywood, parked near the transvestite hookers, and walked through the cemetery at 1:15 am on Sep. 27. After a few minutes, I got to where the concert was being held, put down my blanket, enjoyed the movies they were projecting on the screen, took an hour nap around 4 am, grabbed some free coffee, and got excited when the show got officially under way around 5 am with Buddhist monks coming out to do a blessing and light some candles.

After some candles were lit and a lot of chanting, Justin Vernon and the rest of Bon Iver came out and played pretty much every song he has written under that moniker.

It was fairly dark when he started playing, and although you couldn't quite see the sun rise because it was so foggy, it was amazing just being able to lay down and stair at the palm trees and the sky get lighter while listening to Bon Iver's hauntingly beautiful music. Here are a few videos, including one of Justin playing with his old bandmates in Megafaun.

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