Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yes Pecan!

You've seen Ben & Jerry's Obama-inspired "Yes Pecan" ice cream. Now, a viral e-mail that I came across on my professor's blog suggests that it is only fair that a Bush-inspired flavor gets introduced. Here is a partial list of suggestions floating around: 

Mission Pecanplished
Abu Grape
Cluster Fudge
Impeach Cobbler
Heckuvajob Brownie
Grape Depression
Cookie D'oh!
Credit Crunch
Death by Chocolate... and Torture
Chocolate Chip On My Shoulder
Nut'n Accomplished
Chokealot Pretzel

1 comment:

Leanne said...

Ha. ImPeach Cobbler... I love it! And it would even taste really good, don't ya think?