Friday, February 27, 2009

Seasons Never Change

The band Sherwood creates beautiful pop songs, but they are backed with lyrics that often times strike a chord with me. Today, the last track on their 2007 record A Different Light really stuck with me: 

And I've been spending too much time in California
Where your feelings change but seasons never do
And in my dream last night I felt a storm was coming
But awoke to sunny skies of baby blue

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Aubrey said...

I loved this quote:

"Get the hell out — we don’t want you here. It doesn’t take a bunch of Republicans to tell you’re a bunch of irrelevant, ignorant fuckheads."

I think irrelevant is a great word. People respond well to protests of far-reaching and unjust policies. But a protest this radical to try and change long-standing school policies, as well as make global policy changes through the improper channels, is just irritating to people. It won't be long before the general public tires of the antics and labels them as typical, irrelevant college hippies.

*grumble grumble*