Monday, February 16, 2009

What a Day

Things I've Learned Today:

1. Projectile vomitting coming straight at me by a stranger is not my idea of a fun Sunday night. Oh the glamerous life of an RA. I'm glad Aubrey was there with me. She's a trooper. Now if only the front desk hadn't called me at all...

2. Instead of going to the gym in late afternoons, I need to get back to doing it first thing when I wake up. I should start off my day with some endorphins instead of fuzzy thoughts and emotions.

3. As much as I'm loving all the Pitchfork/Stereogum/Indie music I've been getting heavily into lately, sometimes an old standby album with a hint of angst is the warm blanket I need to ground myself. Say Anything...Is A Real Boy is one of the few albums that I know I will always want to have within reach. 

"I discard all my feelings. The stars still scar my ceiling.
Sun, I won't spare you. Moon, I won't spare you.
I shall grow and grow. I'll grow"

4. Unfortunately, often times when I learn something it means unlearning a whole lot of other things. I guess it is time for another long walk to reconcile this.

5. Good friends are hard to come by. I am lucky for the ones I have. Thank you to those of you out there. 

This goes out to my homie John:

Update: 6. Sometimes there is nothing better than your alarming failing to wake you up and you accidently getting 11 hours of sleep. 


Anonymous said...

yeah, that was effing disgusting. i'm ready to get out of here. haha

jb said...

fool you know i love beyonce!!!

Nick said...

John, I know what you like. That was just for you :)