Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vinyl, CDs and a Credit Card

I love the way true music fans can write about stuff like compression on CDs. Music industry vet Bob Lefsetz:
I felt the audiophile CD.  But it wasn’t warm.  It was a silicone tit, not the real thing.  Real boobs sag.  The girls think we hate this. Along with stretchmarks and that roll of fat around their middle.  Whereas this makes girls real.  They’re built with a higher percentage of body fat.  They’re made to give birth, to nurture.  Who’d want to sleep with a ten year old boy?  A STARVING ten year old boy?

A woman built for themedia orders a salad and picks at it.  A real woman savors her food, she evidences sensuality.  Something that’s hard to see, but all men pick up on.  The same way it’s hard to quantify why vinyl sounds so much better than CDs.  You just FEEL IT!

I am still trying to decide on what rewards credit card to get. I don't spend a whole lot on credit cards, so I hear I should go for a cash back instead of miles or points. Any suggestions?

I am also a little proud of myself because I almost just spent $75 on 5 signed CDs, but I decided to hold off and think about other things I can do with that money before I make an impulse buy. It is still a little tempting though. The bands were: Los Campesinos!, Lydia, Jenny Lewis, Ting Tings, Okkervil River. I almost got Cold War Kids too. 

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Anonymous said...

that description of the woman is kinda hot. but i'm not sure if i agree with the whole "vinyl sounds better" thing. i enjoy both digital and vinyl. they both have nice qualities.