Saturday, January 31, 2009

Best of Westwood

Here is my list of personal favorites: 

Yamato (1/2 off after 5 pm)
Damon and Pythias (also a great happy hour)
Good Earth (great for Brunch or Brinner)
Ami's (great deal now that they also do 1/2 off on sushi, but I prefer Yamato when I am feeling adventurous) 

Palomino (if you can get a table)
Westwood Brewing Company (BrewCo)

Mr. Noodle (ask for a free drink if delivery & over $10)

Grocery Store
Trader Joe's (Currently my overall favorite place in Westwood)

Cup of Coffee:
Pete's Coffee (On Westwood Blvd. Closes a little too early)
Starbucks (I love sitting outside by the lights of the Mann Village)


Study Spot:
Corner Bakery (Refills on different coffees and a yummy muffin)

Favorite Movie Theatre:

Haircut Spot
Oakley's Barber Shop
La Belle Hair Salon

Least Favorite Place in Westwood
Course Reader Materials (what a shady place)

I know I am missing a couple of places. What are your favorites?


jb said...

ok i dont understand why you've never taken me to shamshiri. me. of all people.

Leanne said...

A few months ago, you had never been to 3 of your top 5 restaurant choices. Kudos for branching out.

Also, I feel you neglected a crucial subject. You might not enjoy the fact that yogurt has invaded westwood, but the invasion certainly warrants a category. Best yogurt: Red Mango, hands down. None of this pinkberry crap.