Thursday, January 1, 2009


Wired's 2009 Movie Guide
Somehow they left off Up. Pixar never disappoints.

You won't normally find a lot of Top 4o songs mentioned here, but this is an interesting little mash-up of the Top 25 hits of the year.

iStanford iPhone Application
"So far, their program, "iStanford," which launched October 1, is pretty straightforward — users can access a campus map and course catalog, email professors and get news and information about sports teams. Nothing wildly innovative about that.

But the newest version, slated to arrive shortly, also allows students to add and drop courses, see the real-time whereabouts of the on-campus shuttle bus, review their own grades and course history and perform a variety of other administrative tasks that are normally accessible only over secure campus networks."

Video of the new Apple laptop without a keyboard

An interesting post by Anathallo about the story behind their new song "The River."
"If you go against current and fight it, your muscles become tired, knotted, and worn. What happens if you hop? It takes you. You can loosen your tensions as it carries you down. It's giving in to the complete unknowns which we generally feel uncomfortable about because they take more constant attentiveness and mindfulness...

Erica and I wrote [the lyrics] after hearing about an experience that her mom had while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. She was crossing a river and the current swept her away. Due to the weight of her pack, she couldn't get to a bank and was certain that she was going to die. Upon that realization, she leaned back, calmed her senses and enjoyed what she thought would be her last living moments... she observed everything with a concentrated mindfulness as she passed underneath the glow of light pouring through the canopy of leaves."


Leanne said...

That's awesome! I'm officially running out of reasons not to get an iPhone (especially since my sad little flip phone is crawling slowly to its death).

Jane said...

That mash-up is brilliant! I can only imagine the kind of time that had to go into creating it...