Thursday, December 18, 2008

Random Stuff

  • I've been into photography lately. Here's a cool selection of photographs from throughout the year
  • Oh, Australia: "After rude behavior in state legislatures, the call goes out again to curtail drinking and even to initiate breathalyzer tests for members of parliament"
  • Cool Video the History of the Middle East in 90 Seconds
  • International Council on Security and Development: "The Taliban, which controlled 54% of Afghanistan in 2007, now controls about 72% of the country"
  • Ugh. "Prop. 8 supporter Rick Warren of Saddleback Church will give the inaugural invocation." I remember going there when the church first started. It didn't even have a building yet, it was only a big tent. On Easter one year they had the adults outside and let the kids in the big tent for a magician show. My Mother still goes there & tries to drag me when I'm in town.

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Leanne said...

The photography link is incredibly powerful. Some of them are full of hope and optimism. I especially like the Jellyfish and the Grindelwald pictures. (I’ve been there) The first thunderstorm one is also unbelievable.

Others are so tragic and horrifying that I don’t think I can put it into words. Why do humans do such horrible things to each other? Number 25 and 28 are especially distressing. I am so afraid for the children who grow up in a world of hate and violence.

Thank you for posting this link.