Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Laptop

After 4.5 years, it's finally time to retire my Toshiba Satellite laptop. It's treated me well, but it sure is super slow now with no battery life. After lots of research and getting lucky with a sale directly from the manufacturer, I bought a Lenovo Thinkpad SL400. My friend Matt convinced me to max out the RAM and upgrade the processor, so hopefully this laptop will be good to me for the next few years. It's not the sexiest looking laptop, but it is supposed to be fast and reliable, especially for the price (Every review also mentions how awesome the Thinkpad keyboards are. Cool I guess?). 

I just can't wait until the mail room opens after the new year and I can start organizing and transferring over all my files and music. Finally I will have a laptop again I can take to class!


JB said...

you neglect to mention who got this for you!

Aaron Jackman said...

Congrats on the laptop. I think the Lenovo will be a good call and Matt's advice seems pretty sound. Sorry about the article I forwarded you about the Intel Core I7 processor due out next year for laptops...looks like it was too late anyway.