Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Hanukkah!

This is dedicated to all of my Jewish friends out there. I wish I could make it over to Aaron J.'s this year because I have some good memories lighting my own menorah there and I am always in the mood for some good latkes. However, this year I at least get to celebrate with my good friend Andrey in NY (26-28). Hopefully we'll find time to see the lighting of the World's Largest Hannakuh Menorah. It's 32 feet tall!


Aaron Jackman said...

Yeah, it's a shame you won't be around for it this year, but I'm sure you'll have plenty of holiday cheer with Andrey in NY. Then I'll see you guys a few days after. You guys better combine for at least 23 drinks in honor of my birthday on the 28th.

Dre Fine said...

So that means the three of us are having 46 total (23 for you Aaron)? This will turn into another day where we have to fetch you some food from De Neve.

Happy Hannukah!! ~|N> is that close enough to a dreidel?

Nick said...

23 drinks total in one day? Only if I can include cups of coffee. Did you already have your Hannakuh party? Did you invite anyone? We'll have to make up for missing your birthday on new year's eve. I still can't believe I was telling everyone that I was so excited about going to NY to see Andrey because I probably won't have the chance to see him again for many months, and it turns out I get to see him a couple of days later in LA, haha.

And yes, nice dreidel Andrey. Too bad Villy gets back to NY a few hours after Andrey and I leave :(