Thursday, July 29, 2010

Round-Up: Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Diddy: The Awl Makes a Good Point: "I Don't Think The Word 'Humble' Means What Diddy Thinks It Means"
Vibe: Dr. Dre said that the last beat that floored him was 'All About the Benjamins.' How does that make you feel?

P. Diddy: "It’s humbling. I was in the studio with Dre the other day. He started working on a record for me. Watching him as a producer is watching greatness. We had a lot of similar traits. It was like looking in the mirror. He would ask questions like, 'How you feel about this?' People don’t really understand true producers want to know how you feel about things. We are some of the most observant people on the planet."
Sometimes humility doesn't last very long.
List: Top Ten Foreign Films of the Decade

Video: And here I thought the local news was a waste. At least check out the 1:00 minute mark (Via)

Imagine: What the posters would look like if films followed their original casting

Watch: Buzz and Woody Talk Dreamworks

Watch: Sitcoms "filmed before a live disappointed audience"

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