Friday, February 12, 2010

Round-Up: Friday, Feb. 12, 2010

Listen: Japandroids - "Art Czar"

News: "The only thing the CBO [Congressional Budget Office] believes would do more to create new jobs than a tax credit aimed at hiring would be raising unemployment benefits. The unemployed spend new funds so quickly, raising demand in the economy so much, that increasing unemployment benefits is, counterintuitively, the single best way to create jobs."

Sad News: "59% of the public cannot correctly answer the question: 'Do you know how many votes are required to end a filibuster in the US Senate?'"

Crave: Top 10 Baguettes in LA.

Big Picture: Two Sets of Pictures of Dancing Around the World. Also, Olympic Torch pictures & Vikings & People at Work

List: Tiny Mix Tapes Finishes Counting Down the Top Albums of the Decade

Listen: Kate Nash - "I Love You More" This is perhaps the most surprising song I've heard this year. I loved her clever, cute, piano ballads on her 2008 album. This is balls-to-the-walls Karen O shit, and I love it.

Did You Know: Valentine's Day is the Second Most Popular Day to Dine Out after Mother's Day.

Disgusting: A guy stuffed a roll of sausage with a cheesy double beef burrito from Taco Bell. There's also a McGangBang.


Watch: Set Your Goals Cover Lady Gaga w/ Kazoos.... what?

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