Sunday, November 23, 2008

Favorite Musicals

List of Musicals I've Seen Live In A General Order of Preference (Excluding high school performances):

1. Assassins - "Everybody's Got the Right to be Happy"
Ballad of Booth w/ Neil Patrick Harris:

2. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
3. Rent
4. Avenue Q
5. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (with Sebastian Bach)
6. Urinetown
7. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (It's quite new)
8. Phantom of the Opera (several times)
9. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
10. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
11. 9 to 5
12. Side Show
13. La Boheme (Opera produced by Baz Luhrmann)
14. Cats
15. Spring Awakening
16. Movin' Out
17. Wicked
18. Jersey Boys

Favorite Musical Movie:
Fiddler on the Roof

Musical I Most Want to See:
Les Miserables

Worst Musical Movie:
High School Musical


Mike said...

Interesting choices. I heard that Urinetown was awful and its pretty high on your list. I also loved Wicked, and of course it's at the bottom of yours. I guess I should only pay attention to your music selections.

I haven't heard of Assassins. Since it's first on your list, I'll have to look into it now.

Nick said...

I guess I should be fair and say I didn't like Wicked because of my expectations. I absolutely loved the book and went into the musical expecting something heavy, smart, emotional, and generally depressing. I was expecting a musical with something important to say (which is why I like Assassins so much). Instead, I got something that I felt was watered-down.

If I didn't read the book, I think I would have been better off because many parts of it were very well done. I guess I am just upset because I can think of so many more things they could have done with the material.

Leanne said...

Only you would put Wicked below Spelling Bee and Movin' Out (which, I feel you need to be reminded, is the musical that one of your best friends walked out on it because it was SO bad.)

Sheesh! Wicked is a GOOD musical. You are such a musical snob sometimes.

Michael said...

I actually liked Urinetown. You should check it out Mike. I even saw a version of Urinetown performed by my high school's drama club, which I thought was almost just as good as the professional performance. I have yet to see Spring Awakening, but seeing as it is near the bottom of the list, I'm less motivated to go out of my way to see it now. I haven't heard of Assassins either.

Nick said...

I actually did enjoy Spring Awakening overall, but it didn't amaze me. A lot of the songs kept building up and then went nowhere. They tried with an occassional "anthem," but they were pretty weak compared to the slower songs. The only musical I that I saw that I wanted to escape was Jersey Boys.

JB said...

screw spring awakening. just kidding that's harsh. but i think we both know how we felt about it :-/
though the cookie was good!