Wednesday, September 3, 2008


As I've been listening to more and more experimental and "indie" music (for a lack of better labels), I often think I am outgrowing a lot of the music I've really enjoyed over the last decade.
I'm afraid that one day I will wake up and no longer care about the type of bands that I was once so passionate about.

Part of it must be that long gone is the era characterized by the heyday of Drive Thru Records, (when they had such bands as Something Corporate, New Found Glory, The Starting Line, The Movielife, RX Bandits, Midtown, Dashboard Confessional, Finch, The Early November, and more...) and in its wake have been a scene populated by just terrible imitators such as Metro Station and Cute is What We Aim For. Just when I'm considering giving up on the pop-punk scene for good, a band like Valencia comes around. This band knows how to craft beautiful and catchy tunes perfect for a California summer (which I'd say lasts well into October, while other parts of the country are experiencing this odd season supposedly called "Fall").

Check 'em out:

Where Did You Go? - Valencia

Zack and Miri Make a Porno
The next Kevin Smith film with Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks. It comes out Halloween and I plan on trying to catch it opening weekend.

Here's the first trailer, and since a red-band trailer, warning: it's NSFW

Here's an old teaser of the film (doesn't include footage that made it into the film)

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