Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Matches in the Chip Shop

This song has been stuck in my head during the first couple 12-hour days of RA training. This video just reminds me of the great memories I can cherish from my time in London this past summer.

Here is Matches lead-singer Shawn Harris giving some interesting background on this video.
"Serious bullshit is going down. I've been on the phone all morning (I do mean morning-- try 5am) with our label and the London Metropolitain Police (our manager is out of town). I'm told that the "clip" Yankee in a Chip Shop contains footage of us "engaged in violating British law" and that our rights of dissemination are in question. Serious bullshit. Public officers had taken our names during one incident on the shoot, which we kinda laughed off.. I seriously thought they were rent-a-cops. Apparently our files had been in processing, and had gotten investigated due to CCTV tapes of us running down the middle of the huge roundabout at Piccadilly Circus that was the video's finale. Funny thing is, Epitaph, who's under pressure here, didn't have anything to do with making the video at all. The only money spent on this video came out of my pocket-- I'd been saving up checks from art jobs just to shoot this second video for our new record-- one that there was no budget for in our recording contract, but that I was passionate about, and knew that people would be tickled to see."

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