Monday, March 15, 2010

Round-Up: Monday, Mar. 15, 2010

News: San Francisco is the second craziest city behind Cincinnati. Los Angeles is #26
"While L.A. ranked in the top five in eccentricity, our low psychiatrist density and our low drinking level (53rd out of 57!) drove us toward the middle of the pack of the nation's craziest." My guess is that we drink less because drinking a lot is nearly impossible because of the need to drive everywhere.

Dine: Best Sandwiches in Los Angeles & 10 Things to Eat to Hollywood Farmer's Market

Laugh: Posture webcomic, Iraq Voting comic, Toyota Pedal comic, CSPAN comic,

Bake: Irish Car Bomb Filled Cupcakes (Check out the pictures, they look quite fun & tasty)

Watch: Toby from The Office Snaps

Watch: Another Terrible (& funny) CA Campaign Spot (Fiorina going after Sen. Boxer's CA Seat)

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Jamie said...

I especially enjoyed watching Barbara Boxer's over-sized head bursting through the ceiling of the capitol. You got to love this country of idiots. At least they are creative. :)