Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pop-Punk Week: The Dangerous Summer

"I'm an optimist but only in a perfect world."

Maryland-based The Dangerous Summer has been dominating more and more of my listening time at the gym. While Set Your Goals is still number one while I run, The Dangerous Summer has easily replaced Four Year Strong and Fireworks as my warm-up band.

While I find the compelling melodies and great drumming irresistable, this band makes the list of artists that have given me new hope into what pop-punk can achieve because of its lyrics. The lyrics are universal but at the same time feel so specific and personal. A couple people I've played Reach for the Sun have asked me, "Are you trying to tell me something?" It is one of those albums that feels like it was written just for me, but I know a lot of people feel exactly the same way.

"I spent my weekdays in my car and the weekends drinking hard enough for two.
I think I'll settle down one of these days, till I catch my breath.
I feel the weight of the world on my back but I'm not feeling sick to death.
Because I laid awake in bed and thought of better times.
I wrote down words inside my arm that say "I'll never walk alone" 'cause I get tired.
I know I'll have my friends in every way, so I caught my breath, and for the first time I found what I'm looking for.
I finally found out what I wanted to be so I picked up where I left" - Settle Down

"I'm an optimist but only in a perfect world.I think I'm too stained with all the negativity from all the people in my way. I took a trip down south;
I felt the sun on my face, and it made things ok for a second. I drew a picture of my problems when I was going insane, and I focused on the currents" - Weathered

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