Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Election Day: Choosing the Least Painful Option

I was one of about 60 people in Dykstra/De Neve that went to the polls today. After a couple weeks of reading about the measures, some soul searching, and using what I've learned in my current class on California ballot propositions, I headed to the polls. I held my nose as I tried to choose between some pretty ugly choices (this includes the local candidates as well as propositions).

Today there was no feeling of as excitment like when I cast my vote for Obama in November. But I gritted my teeth and made my choices. And it looks like the only one that might pass is the one that is purely symbolic and doesn't really matter: 1F (elected official salaries). I am interested (and scared) to see where we are going to find the money to plug the deficit. Welcome to reality: you can't demand that we spend money on everything you want but refuse to raise taxes to pay for it.

From the LA Times:
"The public's contradictory impulses were laid bare by a recent Field Poll. It found that voters oppose cutbacks in 10 of 12 major categories of state spending, including the biggest, education and healthcare. Yet most voters were unwilling to have their own taxes increased, and they overwhelmingly favored keeping the two-thirds requirement for tax hikes."

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