Friday, May 7, 2010

Round-Up: Thursday, May 6, 2010

Laugh: Defrost the Chicken!

Anticipate: 25 Albums that Paste (and I) are looking forward to this summer.

Unecessary but Cool: A Google map of all the places mentioned in Mountain Goats songs.

Laugh: Top 20 "Shit My Dad Says" Quotes

List: Artists that are technically one-hit wonders. Examples:

  1. Weezer - "Beverly Hills"
  2. Jimi Hendrix - "All Along the Watchtower"
  3. Blink 182 - "All the Small Things" (my least fav. Blink song)
  4. White Stripes - "Icky Thump"
  5. Garth Brooks - "Lost in You"
    More including: Ben Folds Five, Beck, Janis Joplin, Public Enemy, Iggy Pop, Rush, Norah Jones, Grateful Dead, etc...

Grill: 5 Grilling Tips from Chef de Cuisine at Wolfgang's Cut:

  1. Light the briquettes at least one hour before you expect to grill.
  2. Season meat at least one hour ahead of cooking. 
  3. Allow the meat to come to room temperature before cooking.
  4. Before you start cooking, make sure that you have a gradient of heat, Start cooking the food that will take the longest first, Start cooking your meat on high heat first
  5. Allow the meat to rest for at least 10 minutes after you pull it off of the grill
Watch: The Curse of NBA Jam
The Curse Of NBA Jam


Jeremy said...

"Light the briquettes at least one hour before expect to grill."

Probably could've used that advice at the fail..... er, tailgate.

Jamie said...

"In response to this minor annoyance, Disneyland did what any sane, rational company would do in these circumstances: Call in the fucking riot cops." Love it.