Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Round-Up: Tuesday, Dec. 22

Deal of the Day: Get $15 worth of food and drinks at Flake in Venice for $7. Yelp it. Buy it before midnight 12/22, use it by 3/23.

Eat: According to Bon Appetit, one of the 10 best dishes in the country under $10 is the Filipino Maharlika pork sausage with caramelized onions; $6.75; Wurstkuche, Los Angeles.

Read: The Economist takes a stand against Direct Democracy and ballot initiatives.

Cook: Black Bean Chili with Eggplant recipe

Listen: Telekinesis- "Coast of Carolina" - Saw them in D.C. last April when I was visiting my buddy Andrey.

Watch: Cheap but creative music video. "Dublin’s tallest building was turned into a giant light canvas during 24TH SEPT – 11TH OCT by Daft.ie. Video director Fionn Kidney encouraged enthusiasts to use their DV cameras to capture footage of the animating building from multiple angles throughout Dublin."

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