Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Political Food for Thought

Discussion at FiveThirtyEight about the future of the Republican party: "Are Republicans turning into libertarians?"
"Of the roughly four different pathways the Republicans could take in the post-Obama universe -- toward Ron Paulesque libertarianism, toward Sarah Palinesque cultural populism, toward Mike Huckabeesque big-government conservatism, or toward Olympia Snowesque moderation/ good-governmentism -- the libertarian side would seem to have had the best go of things in the First 100 Days."

I've only recently started following Olympia Snowe, but I'm turning into a fan. I have a hard time taking Ron Paul or Sarah Palin seriously, and I've never liked anything about Huckabee. What do you think the near future holds for the Republican Party?

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Anonymous said...

unfortunately, I think the Republican party IS headed toward cultural populism. It would be great if we became more libertarian, but I just don't see it happening.